Our Beautiful Gift

There is no greater gift than a child.  It’s impossible to know this until that beautiful miracle is placed in your arms.  All you hope for is a healthy, happy baby and then you leave it in God’s hand to take care of the rest.

We had a very difficult time getting our miracle. After 3 miscarriages, one  just a month before becoming pregnant with Elijah, we were all but done trying.  I couldn’t take any more heartache, and I definitely wasn’t getting any younger. Becoming pregnant with Elijah was a shock by itself, but the day he was born was one for the books.

I was a nervous wreck throughout the whole pregnancy  Didn’t even want my picture taken because I was afraid it would jinx us.  I just refused to feel confident that everything was going to be okay because it had never been okay. We had great check ups and they watched me really closely because of my history.  We had no reason to believe the pregnancy was going to be anything less than typical…

Then came the day Elijah was born.  We went in for a “routine” stress test because I was 3 days overdue.  In a matter of 30 minutes we found out he was breach. The nurse left the room and forgot to turn off the test machine. Elijah’s heart rate was dropping (most likely because he was on the cord) and we had to grab the nurse. We were rushed by ambulance to the hospital for what ended up being an emergency C-section.  Long story short, we didn’t have ANY idea he had Down Syndrome until shortly after he was born. We had completed the screening for chromosome abnormalities early in the pregnancy and everything came out great (this was prior to the NIPT blood test they offer now).  No signs of any abnormalities.  You can imagine our shock when the nurse walked in to the recovery room after a very scary emergency C-section and told us she believed our baby had Trisomy 21.  The only thing I remember from that moment was my amazing and incredibly strong husband looking at me and saying “It’s okay!”   I knew in that second, it was.  We were both teachers and had several years of experience teaching special education, mine specifically in a classroom of mostly kids with down syndrome.  Regardless of everything I knew, I was terrified for a brief moment…until I heard those words.  We would be okay.  We had been through so much together and now we had our beautiful son.  That was all I ever wanted and he was perfect!

This site is about our journey loving and teaching Elijah.  Our goal is for him to love learning and to be as successful and as happy as possible.  We take every day as it comes. There have been several curve balls along the way and I hope sharing our experiences will help others in some way.  We don’t have all the answers, but we spend everyday trying to find them.  I hope you can find our story helpful and please do not hesitate to share or ask questions.  We can all learn from one another.


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