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Another seizure (“episode”)

Today brought back all those fears we’ve had for so long.  Elijah woke up early, around 5:15, and said he needed to go potty.  Irv took him into the bathroom and he said he didn’t need to go.  He was happy when he woke up, but when he got off the toilet, he sat on the bathroom rug and started to cry. He brought him back into his room and was going to lie down with him, but before they could get into bed, Irv felt him go limp.  He quickly turn on the light and saw that Elijah was pale and not responding.  It was another “episode” or seizure.  We call them seizures for lack of a better name.  We honestly don’t know what’s happening, but we know it’s terrifying.  This has been going on since last fall, but through some great people and guidance we found an upper cervical specialist that has been treating him.  His atlas bone was out of alignment and significant enough that is was causing seizures.  Elijah has been doing incredibly well and hasn’t had a seizure since April…until today.  I was able to get him in to the upper cervical specialist and found he was out of alignment.  The doctor adjusted him, so we’re hoping he will be okay now.  This has been a very scary process over the last year.  We’re doing a lot of trial and error but we’re praying that we are on the right track for preventing seizures and helping him to feel better.  He becomes noticeably frustrated and agitated when he is out of alignment, but thankfully the seizures have become less severe and  with a lot more time between occurrences.  We had been feeling confident that the seizures were behind us, until today.  Now we just continue to watch him closely, get his neck checked regularly, and pray that we are on the right track for finding out how to stop these episodes.

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