Teaching strategies

How do you teach a toddler their letters, number, and shapes?

It hit us one day shopping at target…they had removable wall decals (letters, numbers, and shapes). We bought two sets of each and put them upstairs and down, right at their eye level. We thought if they could constantly see them, we could drill them more easily and eventually they would know all of them.  Well, it took a little more than that.  The trick was having something to match to the letters, numbers, and shapes on the wall.  We used the letters and numbers from the foam mat puzzle.  We put them in a basket in the living room and made a game out of matching them one by one to the stickers on the wall.  Eventually, they were playing the game all by themselves. For the shapes, I laminated the second set and used those for matching.  They could both identify their letters, numbers and shapes within a couple weeks.

The best purchases I’ve ever made…

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