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Have you ever looked back and said, “Wow, now I get why that person has been such an important part of my life”?  Well, we’ve been feeling that way lately about our friends, Jen and Chad Miller.  I worked with Chad for 16 years and grew to know his wife well throughout the years.  He was my “work big brother” for many years and he helped me through many tough days at work. About a year ago, last Fall, Elijah was getting croup back to back.  He would just get over it and  would start that horrible barky cough and we would start the sleepless nights all over again. Around that same time, he also had his first seizure.  I was an emotional wreck and at a complete loss for answers.  Chad genuinely cared about how Elijah was doing and he talked me down off the ledge on more than one occasions, not to mention all the times he said “Go call the doctor…I’ll cover your class”.  He also had been telling me about the doctor his family had been going to for a while, Dr. Brad from Hope Clinic in New Hope, MN (  He’s a natural doctor and, unfortunately not covered by insurance, so I never thought it was an option for us…until all this hit us.  I remember telling him, “Okay, I can’t do this anymore, I need this guy’s number”.

We made an appointment for Elijah to see Dr. Brad for his recurring croup. FYI, Dr. Brad is not your traditional doctor.  He uses muscle testing, which (and I won’t explain this right) uses the energy in the body to tell him what the body is lacking.  He gave him some Chinese herbs and supplements and (knock on wood) he hasn’t had croup since.  Because of the great results, he took him to Dr. Brad after we weren’t getting answers that made sense for the seizures, and he was the one who referred us to the upper cervical specialist, Dr. Hilpisch (  The progress Elijah has made is nothing short of amazing.  Dr. Brad is certainly not cheap for us, but the benefit to our entire family is worth every penny.  We have a cabinet full of Chinese herbs that any of us can use if we see signs of illness and it has thankfully kept us all healthy.  I think about the seizure medications the medical doctors wanted to give Elijah and the MRI, which he would have needed to be sedated for, and I’m so grateful we found Dr. Brad and Dr. Hilpisch.  I believe with all my heart,  I worked with Chad for a greater reason than to just have an awesome colleague and friend.  It was for his family to help our family find the answers and help we needed.  

These are a few of the the supplements we have been using with our family.  I give Elijah the homeopathy (chamomilla) and sometimes the Min Tran when he’s frustrated and having a tough day. It really seems to calm him down…and he loves the taste of the “beads”.  Irv and I take the K-Pax whenever we feel run down or like we might be getting sick.  It works like a charm! It has kept me on my feet and healthy every time.  We give both the kids the Nutri Stars vitamins every morning.  We just crush it up in the yogurt since even the chewables are still a little tough for them.  There are many more, but I don’t want to over-do my medical advice.  Dr. Brad is amazing and always finds the right herb or supplement.

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