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Could homeopathy be the answer?

I have learned so much over the last year about how to keep my kids healthy, balanced, strong and rested.  We have used supplements and herbs to support their systems, but we didn’t understand the importance of helping the body to find it’s balance and function as it is designed to do.  We started using homeopathy with Payton for teething and Elijah for his emotions and cervical alignment.  We recently took him to a a professional homeopath to see if there was more we could do to prevent more seizures.  We met with her for an hour and we covered a lot of information about how he interacts with others, handles stress, and how he generally functions overall.  She recommended a remedy and without sounding too optimistic, we feel like it has already made a difference. Homeopathy can take effect immediately in some situations and in others it can take days, weeks, or months depending on the person. It’s difficult to know if the positive changes we have seen are a direct result of the remedy, but he has been more calm and relaxed. He has been able to brush off things Payton does that would typically upset him like dumping out all the toys he just cleaned up, like a good little sister does.  He stopped napping a couple months ago and he has NEVER been a kid that can just lie on the couch and rest or sleep, and he has crashed on the couch 3 times this week for a good 2 hour nap.  I’m not saying we have found the all the answers, but it feels like we are heading in the right direction.

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