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Can music really make a difference?

Music makes everything better.  That’s what I’ve always felt anyway.  Music is always playing in our house, and it is truly amazing how it affects Payton and Elijah’s moods and lifts their spirits. I knew there were a lot of benefits music has on brain development, but to see it in action is nothing short of amazing.  When Elijah was first starting to talk he could sing lines to songs more clearly than he could talk and now he is able to remember lyrics to songs he hasn’t heard in weeks or even months.

We have several stations of pandora that we flip between, depending on what we’re doing; calming (jack johnson), classical (baby Mozart), and of course some upbeat dance music (their absolute favorite…Bruno Mars). We try to play more calming music when they are concentrating on a task or skill.

There are studies that show that playing classical music or anything with around 60 beats per minute will calm the brain and prepare it for learning and productivity. Kids also need that down time to rest so switching from the faster dance music is important.

Music is also therapeutic at bedtime.  Getting Elijah to fall asleep has always been a challenge.  We made all the classic mistakes…held him for naps, slept on his floor, and now lie in bed with him until he’s asleep.  The benefit to this is that I sing to him until he’s asleep.  I didn’t do that with brain development in mind, but thankfully it checks all the boxes for being beneficial. He loves to sing the first couple songs with me, then he relaxes and fall asleep while I sing away.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day to have that quiet time together.

Here are some great sites with information on how music stimulates the brain.  Once again, I’m not an expert.  I just want to share what we’ve found and have had success using.

The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Development

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