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10 Favorite Sites on Education, Health, and Nutrition

Like every parent out there, we are constantly trying to find more information about education, health, nutrition, you name it!  I wanted to share some of our favorite sites and resources we use. Hopefully you will find it helpful, and it will save you some time as you search.

Great Sites for Education Ideas… (preschool activities)

These are some of our favorite pins on Pinterest as well as sites that have great ideas for keeping things fun and exciting.  Our goal is to make learning fun and exciting.  Many of the activities below have great ideas as well as FREE printable activities.  I’m all about the free printables!

Coffee Cups and Crayon This site has a lot of great busy bags.  Living in Minnesota, we need a lot of activities for the COLD months.  We try to reinforce the same skills using a variety of ways and their busy bags are a fun, easy way to do it.

The Measured Mom This is a great site for printables, theme ideas, and tons of fun activities. It’s user-friendly with easy to navigate categories for each grade level.

Powerful Mothering: Learning One Step at a Time  This site has great busy bag ideas.  Payton and Elijah still need quite a bit of support when doing activities like this, so we make modifications, but there are some great ideas here.

Typically Simple Great FREE printables!  We use them for matching games, creating workbooks (binders), coloring pages, and many other activities

This Reading Mama Great activities for phonics and sight words.  Lots of FREE printables. This site has a lot of ideas for teaching pre-reading skills in a variety of ways.

Thriving Home  This site has really fun and unique ideas.  We did the scavenger hunt last fall and they STILL talk about it!

Need Some Healthy Snack Ideas?…

Our goal is to keep our kids healthy, while building up their immune system and pumping them full of only “healthy foods”.  My mindset is that as long as I’m cooking their food, they are only going to get what is best for their bodies. There’s no reason to give them junk…they don’t even know what it is, and no one better tell them 😉 Here are some of the most helpful sites we’ve found.

Kid’s Health There are a variety of nutrition ideas here, from snack to meals, as well as tips for overall health. Great resource!

Super Healthy Kids Great, delicious ideas for snacks!  I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, but it’s fun to make different foods for them, especially when they can help make them.

Eating Well love this site for all the great EASY snack ideas.  We’ve really struggled lately finding snacks that are filling enough, won’t ruin their appetite for dinner, are healthy, and give them some variety.  This site has so many quick snacks that don’t require extra shopping.  The ideas are just different ways to use the stuff we already have and make it new to them.

Yummy Toddler Food There are some yummy snack ideas here! Some requires baking, which is not my strength, but there are also some great shopping ideas for healthy snacks that are ready to go. Great resource when looking for new and different ideas.

Finding the Right Heath Care…

Our journey figuring out the best and most natural ways to care for out kids has been a great learning experience.  As I look back on how we got to where we are I am so grateful for all the kind, caring, and smart people that have helped us. We use a functional medicine doctor and treat most issues with Chinese medicine and homeopathy.  I didn’t know anything about either one until Elijah started having seizures, and we needed to explore all our options.  I’ll never go back!  Our family has had so many amazing benefits from taking this approach. You can’t argue with results!

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