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Have a Cough?…Try Onions

Elijah has been battling a cold since right after Christmas.  It’s gone through a lot of phases over the last month…starting as bad congestion, then a brief scare of a croup sounding cough, loss of appetite, a productive sounding cough, and now FINALLY…HOPEFULLY…he’s coming out of all this.  I wanted to share one (among many) amazing things our natural doctor has done to help him to get healthy.  I was trying to use the knowledge I’ve gained over the last couple years and give him Chinese medicine and supplements we’ve used in the past.  Side note…I learned you shouldn’t take more than one Chinese medicine at a time.  It won’t cause harm, but it will reduce the effectiveness. I didn’t know that until after I was doing what I thought was the right thing for several days. I called our natural doctor and he told me which supplements we should be using and also insisted we do an onion pack!  Wow, I’m so glad we did!  The onion pack is amazing! I won’t try to explain exactly how it works but what I have learned is that onions help relieve congestion and draw mucous away from the lungs.  We used it 3 times over a couple days and his cough reduced dramatically right away.  I could actually hear rattling when he was breathing when he had the pack on, which sounded to my novice ears that the mucus was moving its way out.  The next morning he barely coughed.  

I fully believe in treating things naturally whenever we can, and you can’t argue with results.  I know if we would have given him some over the counter cough medicine he would have probably stopped coughing sooner, but I want them to have the strongest bodies possible and allowing them to heal naturally is important to their health.  We’re learning as we go, but anytime I can share a great discovery, I will.  

Here’s how we used the pack…we cut one full onion and wrapped it in a cheese cloth, rubbed some olive oil on his chest.  Once he was snuggled in and ready to relax we placed the onion pack on his chest, covered it with a warm rice pack (a hot water bottle is recommended), and covered everything with a towel.  It would be best if he could fall asleep this way, but that wasn’t going to happen, so we watched some of his favorite nursery rhyme youtube clips and let the onions go to work.  He loved it and has been asking for it every night since.

Here’s the link from our doctor’s blog with more information

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