12 OT Activities That Really Help


When we recently requested an occupational therapy evaluation we were focused on his sensory needs, not really his fine motor skills.  Thankfully, we are now aware of his needs in both areas and getting him some great weekly therapy with an OT and strategies to use at home.  These are some of the things we’ve tried recently:

  • Tearing construction paper and crumpling the paper into balls…then shooting baskets, of course
  • Spray bottle in the bathtub
  • Play dough!
  • Sensory bins with beans or dry pasta (variety of textures).  They like to hunt for squishy toys and little alphabet letters.
  • Fingerpaint
  • Squeezing sponges in the tub
  • Any toys that require squeezing or pinching
  • Tweezers (made for toddlers)
  • Arts and crafts!!!  
  • Working with siccors
  • Writing on a white board
  • Using broken chalk and broken crayons (helps them use proper grasp)

We are NOT Occupational Therapists, but we are learning a lot from his therapists and love to share what works. Elijah and Payton love all these activities, and we are seeing a big improvement in their fine motor skills and strength.

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