Our Homeopathy Journey

Our homeopathy journey has been nothing short of fascinating.  We started exploring it as an option when Elijah was not holding his upper cervical adjustments.  He was needing to be adjusted every week to two weeks and we were feeling like it was never going to get better.  Every time he was out of alignment he had the same signs…irritable, frustrated, didn’t sleep well, crying uncontrollably, hitting his sister and pulling her hair.  It made life hard on everyone. He would show the signs for a couple days, we would take him in to find out he was out of alignment, they would adjust him, and he would have a couple difficult days after the adjustment.  We had fewer calm days than not and we didn’t know how to help him.

I called our natural doctor and he suggested we support the upper cervical care with homeopathy.  I was willing to try anything that might help and we’ve had full confidence in all the advice we’ve received from him in the past.  We met with the homeopath and she gave him a constitutional remedy to help him with his alignment and to give him a greater sense of calm. All I can say is AMAZING!  He went from needing an adjustment every week or two to having one adjustment in over 2 months. He was better able to cope with redirection and started taking more time to process situations rather than instantly reacting.  

After redosing the remedy a couple times, his homeopath recommended an additional remedy for some behaviors that were still showing up, like occasional aggression toward his sister, toe nails that would split and break, and extreme flexibility (which could be why he was not holding his alignment). Her hope was to help the behaviors and issues the first remedy didn’t address.  After taking the remedy we noticed a gradual increase in some old (negative) behaviors, some we had not seen in several months. They were random and didn’t last very long, but they were intense. We were really afraid we had made a mistake with the new remedy, but I really wanted to give it a chance to work. We learned about Hering’s law, which basically means the body goes back through old symptoms during the healing process.  It seemed possible, but it’s always difficult to see in the moment, especially when we were watching our sweet little boy go through a roller coaster of emotions every day. The behaviors grew in intensity everyday and we felt like we were going backwards. Our homeopath mentioned we should give the remedy 3 weeks (ideally) to see the full effect. I made an appointment with her for exactly 3 weeks after starting the second remedy since we were feeling that we needed to make some adjustments.  

I learned so much at the 3 week appointment as we talked through how the first remedy helped him and the second set him back.  The first remedy was clearly the right one and we needed to go back to it ASAP. She increased the dose to override the previous remedy and said we should start it right away.  We noticed a difference immediately! I don’t know exactly how homeopathy works, all I know is how my sweet boy has changed in the last 24 hours. I gave him the dose in the afternoon and by bedtime he was calmer and happier.  The following day, he was more relaxed and the difficult behaviors were basically gone (and we weren’t even done with all the doses). He hadn’t napped without riding in the car for 3 weeks, and suddenly we couldn’t keep him up.  He was so worn out, he slept for almost 3 hours and we had to wake him up just so he would sleep at bedtime. We know things can change, and we’re prepared to see how he does going forward, but I am more convinced than ever with the results we’ve seen.  I believe with all my heart that homeopathy is the answer to helping Elijah, and our whole family, to find peace and calm.

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