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Healthy Thyroid?

Since his first wellness check we’ve been told we need to check his thyroid regularly. Hypothyroidism (and sometimes hyperthyroidism) are more common among kids and adults with Down Syndrome than the rest of the population. We did the recommended screening for the first three years of his life, and the results always came back “normal”. Up to that point we were seeing a regular pediatrician and had no reason to double the results…until we recently checked it again and had the results sent to our natural doctor, Dr. Brad. According to the pediatrician the test was “normal” again but we wanted Dr. Brad to take a look just to be sure he would agree. I was shocked when I got the call from him and learned Elijah’s numbers, although within the recommended range, there were issues that we needed to address.

These were his numbers…

T4 , FREE = 1.3
Normal = 0.9-1.4 ng/dL

TSH = 3.54
Normal = 0.5-4.3 mlU/L

T3 = 3.8
Normal 3.3-4.8 pg/mL

I’m not going to pretend to understand these numbers and what they mean, but my understanding is that even though they are with the acceptable range, they show the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are not functioning correctly. Dr. Brad explained that this could be why he was not holding his upper cervical adjustments, not able to relax and take naps, and possibly contributing to some of the aggressive behaviors we were seeing. He recommended that we see a homeopath and start working on helping his body function correctly.
We met with our amazing homeopath that week and she knew immediately what remedy we needed to use to support his hypothalamus and pituitary. After about a week of taking the remedy we noticed a difference. He was able to fall asleep on his own for a nap (without needing to ride in the car), he was so much more calm and relaxed, and just seemed to be really happy. We continued the remedy for another couple weeks (3 weeks total) and then had our follow up with the homeopath. I knew things were going well, but once I could verbalize it during out appointment and really go through all the points of concern we had, I realized just how well he was doing. She recommended we continue for another two weeks, and hopefully that would be enough to get the body working properly on it’s own.
I read stories and posts from people who are dealing with so many of the same concerns we have had with behavior, sleep, and overall health. I wanted to share what we’ve learned and the positive outcomes we’ve had. Like always, we’re not saying this is the answer, but just a positive, and exciting, step in the right direction.

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