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It has been a while since we’ve written, and for good reason. We have been on an incredible journey finding a doctor who has made a tremendous impact on Elijah’s life. An impact that we never dreamed possible. Starting in July, we started traveling to Dallas to bring Elijah see to Dr. McCarty. He is a chiropractor that does central nervous system restoration through cranial adjustments. He unlocks the plates in the skull in order to hydrate the brain and release nerve pressure to restore normal function in the body.

We embarked on this journey through blind faith. We were referred to Dr McCarty by Dr. Brad (our natural doctor). Because of the level of trust we have in Dr. Brad, we knew it was something we HAD to try. We have had concerns not only about the seizures Elijah has experienced over the last couple years, but also the fact that he had such a difficult time holding his upper cervical adjustments. We were taking him to Dr HIlpisch nearly every week or week and and a half for adjustments. Elijah was also struggling with aggression and frustration; he would hit and kick us for no apparent reason and didn’t appear to know what he was doing in the moment. Immediately following the 10 seconds of rage, he would cry and tell us how sorry he was. It was heartbreaking to watch our sweet boy have so much frustration and such a helpless feeling to not have the answers.

We have been so relieved and excited about the results we’ve seen with the treatments. Dr McCarty has currently completed 9 treatments on him, unlocking the front 3 plates in his skull. We saw changes before we even left Dallas after the first round ot treatments. His speech as improved tremendously. He is speaking more clearly and uses more words (now sentences). He would use 2 or 3 word statements such as “Help, please”. On the Sunday morning, after returning from our first trip, he said to my husband, “Dad will you help me with a puzzle please!” We both just stared at each other and he replied, “Of course!” He can sing full lines of songs (before he would hum along and say the last word in each line). His balance and strength is better and continues to improve everyday. He could not “walk” on his knees prior to this treatment without holding our hands for support, and within days of the first treatment he was able to walk around the living room and down the hallway ALL BY HIMSELF! He is also walking up and down the stairs without using the handrail. He is able to handle changes in routine, we are able to go out to dinner or do whatever, and he doesn’t have fits of rage anymore. This is a different child than he was 2 months ago. I could go on and on, but the point is that Dr. McCarty has changed all of our lives and given Elijah a better life. We have 12 more treatments to do in the next couple months and I am so excited to see how much stronger he will get. We will continue to write and update on his progress.

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