Teaching strategies

How do they learn best?

Our goal everyday is to get out and experience something.  Whether it’s practicing our colors by going to a park and collecting different colored leaves, or traveling to a new playground to see how they can  maneuver on some new equipment, they are learning constantly. Elijah’s coordination has improved leaps and bounds this summer with all the climbing, crawling, and…

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Health and Wellness

Another seizure (“episode”)

Today brought back all those fears we’ve had for so long.  Elijah woke up early, around 5:15, and said he needed to go potty.  Irv took him into the bathroom and he said he didn’t need to go.  He was happy when he woke up, but when he got off the toilet, he sat on the bathroom rug and started…

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Our Beautiful Gift

There is no greater gift than a child.  It’s impossible to know this until that beautiful miracle is placed in your arms.  All you hope for is a healthy, happy baby and then you leave it in God’s hand to take care of the rest. We had a very difficult time getting our miracle. After 3 miscarriages, one  just a…

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